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Do you want to improve your comfort and air quality, reduce your energy use, or increase the value of your home? Ener G's services are designed to meet your needs efficiently and cost effectively. Learn More

Too hot or cold?

Insulation provides the wool sweater for your home to keep the heat in or out, depending on the season. Air sealing provides the wind breaker for your home to keep breezes out. Providing the correct amount of each however requires much more than just an insulation truck. Ener G can explain to you what the insulation ads don’t tell you. Learn more

High utility bills?

Ener G utilizes our experience, industry software and tools to assess why and how your house is leaky or otherwise inefficient, which has a direct impact on your utility bills. A correctly ventilated and air sealed home benefits your family by being more comfortable and safer while doing both at less cost to you. And increasing the value of your home. Call us to learn more (301) 363-1148

Single-pane windows?

Don't let "replacement window" vendors sell you "new windows" until we have assessed the windows in your home. During our energy audit we will determine how leaky they are and the correct solution to save you money. Whatever your window conditions, Ener G has the right option for you. Call us to learn more (301) 363-1148

Old furnace or water heater?

Does your furnace or hot water heater run on natrual gas? If so, it may be emitting harmful carbon monoxide (CO) gas back into your home, rather than going up the chimney or flue pipe. We run tests to determine if it is "back drafting" and how much CO is being created by your appliance. Let us run these valuable tests to determine if a replacement is needed in your home. Call us to learn more (301) 363-1148

Drafty or stuffy? Musty or damp?

Air sealing your home is the most important parts of home performance, and can greatly improve comfort, efficiency, and indoor air quality. Without it, your home's insulation or HVAC equipment will not perform as they should, costing you money, less comfort, and decreasing the longevity of your HVAC equipment. Ener G has the right air sealing solution for your home. Learn More

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